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Is there a manipulator who didn't ever had some problems with stocks? The purpose of this group is to help manipulators who search useful and legitimate stocks. So it is mainly focused on 4 categories:

- Good quality models not too much restrictive. We will only accept good quality pictures, allowing dA prints and not too restrictive in their use. No commercial use - except for dA prints - is accepted: so take a look at the rules before using them for a commercial use.

- Premade Backgrounds using legitimate stocks, with the required links and the permission of the stock providers to redistribute their stock in a premade background.

- Precut Pictures done from photos taken by the same stock provider. We will reject all precut pictures done with external stocks.

- Photo Backgrounds which may be used for doing Premade Backgrounds. Only photos of landscapes or architecture (outside and inside) are accepted.

I hope you'll find this group useful and that il will value stock providers who respect the rules.

:iconhappysunplz: :iconhappysunplz: :iconhappysunplz: :iconhappysunplz: :iconhappysunplz: :iconhappysunplz:


Quel est le manipulateur qui n'a jamais rencontré de problème avec l'une des images stock qu'il a utilisées ? Le but de ce groupe est de lui éviter ce genre de désagréments en lui proposant des stocks utiles et légitimes. C'est la raison pour laquelle il est principalement axé sur les quatre catégories de stocks qui posent habituellement le plus de problèmes:

- Des modèles de bonne qualité, sans règles d'utilisation trop restrictives. Nous n'acceptons que les images de bonne qualité, qui autorisent l'impression sur dA des images finies et ne s'avèrent pas trop restrictives dans leur utilisation. Les stocks qui refusent une utilisation commerciale (à l'exception des impressions sur dA) sont acceptés, donc soyez prudent avant d'utiliser un stock pour un usage commercial, vérifiez d'abord ses règles d'utilisation.

- Des "premade backgrounds" (arrière-plans déjà composés) utilisant des images stock légitimes (disposant d'une licence autorisant leur utilisation, ou faisant partie du domaine public et le signalant - attention, ce n'est pas le cas des images piochées sur Google, par exemple - ou ayant reçu l'autorisation écrite du photographe pour cet usage), avec les liens requis vers les images d'origine et/ou leurs créateurs et l'autorisation de ces derniers à utiliser leur stock pour en recréer un autre, en l'occurrence un "premade background".

- Des images pré-découpées dont la photo originale a été prise par le même photographe. Toute image pré-découpée provenant d'une source extérieure sera refusée.

- Des photos d'arrière-plan pouvant être utilisées pour réaliser des "premade backgrounds". Nous n'acceptons que des photos de paysages ou de constructions (intérieur et extérieur).

J'espère que vous trouverez ce groupe utile et qu'il valorisera les fournisseurs de stock qui respectent les règles.

Photomanipulation Weekend

Here is the picture I did in 2012. (A very bad one, I must admit, I was a beginner):

Yi King 08 - Pi La solidarit l'union by annewipf

Bad composition - lack of depth - light and shadows don't follow the main source of light (the sky light on the background), the center island should be against the light - horrible dark shadow on the right side (looking like a big dirty spot) - bright yellow color on the bottom left side of the picture catching the eye to the detriment of the main subject (the castles) - unatural light reflections, visibly painted, the water doesn't reflect the bright light of the background.

and here is the picture I did recently, using (more or less) the sames stocks:

I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together) by annewipf

Credits and links to the stocks used on the new picture I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together)


As you can see below, the composition of the new picture follows the very simple rule of the 3x3. The main subjects are grouped in the lower left side of the picture, which gives importance to the beautiful sky, source of light, which gives depth and lightens the composition.

I Ching 08 - Composition by annewipf


The first step for doing a photomanipulation, after composition, is to blend the stock pictures, using adjustment layers (curves, color balance, etc.) with a clipping mask on each stock picture separately, until you get the desired result. Never forget this step, even if it seems a bit tedious, it is the most important for a good result:

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 1 by annewipf I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 2 by annewipf


A useful tool, when one of the stock pictures is too contrasted, is the "Image">"Adjustments">"Shadows/Highlights" one. Adjust the shadows, but avoid adjusting the lights or your picture may become grayish. I used this tool to mitigate the very dark shadow on the picture of the main castle (left side).

There are several ways to add light and shadows in a picture. You may use the "burn" and "dodge" tools on a grey layer with an overlay mode, for example. The way I like the best (I think it is easier to control) is using curve adjustment layers with layer masks, to lighten or darken the parts I want to. I usually add or remove some yellow color on these curves, to give a sunny effect (more yellow on the light parts, less on the dark ones).

You may add some more yellow in the sunny parts of your picture (here, the grass on the background) using a "color balance" adjustment layer with a layer mask on the top of your layers.

 Another way consists of copying and flattening the copies of all your layers (Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E) and adding some temperature and exposure in the "Camera Raw" Filter; then, with a white brush on a black layer mask, reveal the sunny parts.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 3 by annewipf


The farther away a subject, the more desaturated it is (especially the yellow and red tones), and the father subjects also have a soft blur, called atmospheric blur, due to the dust particles floating in the air (reason why a landscape seems sharper after the rain: this one cleaned the atmosphere from its dust particles).

For the saturation, in this particular picture, the hills in the background already give this effect, so I changed nothing.

For the blur, there are 2 ways (I used both):

- If necessary, "Filter">"Convert for Smart Filters" (so, you'd be able to change your settings if necessary) and add a soft gaussian blur (max 2 pxl) on the farthest background and another softer (max 1 pxl) on the smaller
castle and rock.

copy and flatten the copies of all your layers (Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E), "Filter">"Other">"High Pass", more or less 2pxl, overlay mode. Add a black layer mask and, with a large white brush, reveal the nearest parts of the picture: the foreground, the left side castle and hill.

To add some more depth feeling, you can heavily blur the very proximate foreground. On this photo, that would be the grass on the bottom left side . Then, copy the whole picture
(Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E), "Filter">"Blur Gallery">"Field Blur". Add a black layer mask and, with a large soft white brush, reveal the bottom part of the picture.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 4 by annewipf


From the tutorial of Elissandro Pinto :icon35-elissandro: :

- Duplicate and invert the part of the image that appears in the reflection, position it above the image.

- Duplicate this layer.

- Add a white layer, use a uniform 50% noise filter. Go to Filters> Filters gallery>Sketch> Bas Relief. Then go to filters> blur> motion blur horizontal 70. Finally, Distort>Perspective. Save the result (under the name "lake" for example) in psd. Delete this layer.

- Back on the previous layer, filters> filters gallery> distort> glass, 12, 2, and, under "Texture", add your
saved document ("lake"). OK.

- Add a layer mask and slightly erase the upper part of the layer.

- Return to the layer below and add a slight Gaussian blur.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 5 by annewipf


Now, we'll add the reflections of the bright sky in the water. For those, we'll use only the ordinary Photoshop round brush, with these settings:

- Bright wavelets: Soft white round brush, more or less 80pxl (for a 3000x2000pxl picture), roundness 8%, spacing 50, size jitter 100%, scatter 420%. Paint the wavelets as shown upper on a new layer, color dodge mode.

- Bokeh: Pick the green of the farthest grass for the color. Round brush, more or less 200pxl (for a 3000 x 2000pxl picture), roundness 100%, spacing 90%, size jitter 100%, minimum diameter 50%, scatter 190%. Paint the Bokeh on the bottom of you picture in color dodge mode.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 6 by annewipf


Add a thin white line on the parts of the buildings illuminated by the sun, add the birds, and add some adjustment layers on the whole picture until you get the required result. At the end, you can experiment with using very soft opacity layers of "gradiant map",  "color lookup", photofilter, etc. and (I usually use all of these) curves, color balance, selective color (mostly the grey one), "black and white" on a luminosity mode, and vibrance.

I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together) by annewipf

Submissions closed

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2016, 2:10 AM

Due to my health, this group will not more accept submissions. It will remain open because it may be useful to browse its gallery for people looking for stocks, but it's all: I'm too tired to continue to manage it. I apologize to all members and thank all of you. It was a nice experience. :heart:

The Beast is back

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 5, 2015, 7:33 AM

We thought it was defeated, it was only asleep. After 13 years remission, my breast cancer is back.

Anne :iconannewipf:

TIP 01 - Changing a background under a black veil

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 1:11 AM

This is the first article of a new series consecrated to the main and most useful tips I use in my manipulations. I hope you'll find them useful.

Mervilina by Mervilina Raven Queen by annewipf

A black veil on a white background: this is a perfect exemple on how you can change very quickly and easily a white background for a dark one.

Don't try to cut out your model: it will be very tedious and quite impossible to do without lightening the part of the background behind the transparent veil. Just put your new background OVER the model, with a Multiply mode, then, on a layer mask with a large soft brush, remove the unwanted parts (on the face and on the arm).

A few seconds work for a perfect result, what else? ;)

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